Crispy Rutabaga Fries

Rutabaga Fries…the Ideal Protein followers friend/enemy! Rutabaga is a vegetable you probably had never heard of before starting a low carb protocol! Then, once you figured out what it was you tried your hardest to make them into the french fries you love!

Well, I have done all the work for you! After many rounds of rutabaga fries – good and bad…really bad 🙂 – I have finally found the recipe that works best!

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Bunless Steak and (Maybe) Cheese

Lately, I have been missing one of my favorite sandwiches – a steak and cheese. Philly or otherwise I love a good steak and cheese! However, when you aren’t eating bread it’s hard to fulfill this particular craving.

So, I decided to make a bunless – sort of deconstructed – steak and (maybe no cheese) version. 🙂 When I took the pictures for this post I decided to slip in a piece of provolone cheese, but it is equally delicious without the cheese. If I don’t do the cheese I usually add some hot sauce to spice up the whole thing. You could also serve this recipe in some lettuce leaves to make a steak and cheese “wrap.”

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