Let’s Get Active: Skyrobics

I work out quite regularly. It used to not be like this. If you would have asked me last year how often I exercised I would have said maybe twice a year! But, now with tons of new energy, I love to get my work out on! I take a couple different classes, but today I want to talk about Skyrobics.

Now, many of you might be saying what the hell is Skyrobics? And when I started taking this class last winter I was thinking the same thing! Skyrobics is an aerobics class on trampolines! The class is offered through Skyzone Trampoline Parks. Skyzones are becoming more and more popular with locations throughout the country. Have a look at their website to see if there is one near you.


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My Lifestyle Changer: Ideal Protein

Let’s dive deeper into what Ideal Protein is and how it helped me loose 100 lbs.

Ideal Protein is a weight loss method developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chang over the past 20 years. The protocol contains “2 key components – weight loss and a healthier lifestyle education to assist you in maintaining your results after dieting.”Read More »

My Weight Loss: The Background Info

So I figured, for the first official My Beautiful Ideal blog post I would talk about my weight loss. I am hesitant to call this a journey…as to me, a journey sounds like something that should be fun, like a vacation. This past year hasn’t exactly been fun or a vacation, but it hasn’t really been that bad either.

First, let’s start off with a little bit of background. I have been a big girl forever. Plus size has been my middle name since I could remember. And luckily, I was surrounded by people who loved me no matter what I weighed. I felt pretty good about myself. I knew that I should lose weight, but I never really thought that I could do it. Every weight loss story I ever read made it sound like people overcame such a struggle, and honestly, I wasn’t looking to deal with a struggle. I liked food and I never thought I would be able to do it anyway. Why would I set myself up to fail?Read More »