Dining Out While on a Diet

Dining out while on the Ideal Protein diet, or any diet for that matter can be really hard! Of course, it’s better to make food at home so you have control of what’s in it, but what about when you want to go out with family or friends, or you are just too busy, tired, etc. to cook?

Over the past year, I have found some go-to choices when eating at restaurants. At the beginning, it felt like I couldn’t eat anything! However, rethinking your choices and realizing that no matter what you get is a treat because you aren’t cooking is important to keep in mind.Read More »

6 Tips to Succeed at a Lifestyle Change

I have decided that I like the term “Lifestyle Change.” I am not on a diet or a journey. I am trying to improve my life by implementing a lifestyle change. My lifestyle change just happens to involve the food I put in my mouth and a choice to do some exercise.

It has taken me over a year to feel like I have made a successful lifestyle change. With a lot of support, the use of trial and error, and plenty of optimism I feel like I have a long-term routine that I can keep up with.

To help you succeed in your lifestyle change I present you with….

6 Tips to Succeed at a Life Style Change

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My Beautiful Ideal

Hello everyone and welcome to My Beautiful Ideal!!

Who are you anyway?


My name is Jamie Boden and I hope this blog will provide you with lots of inspiration and ideas! I am 30 years old and live in Maryland. I am a nerd from way back with a science background and a love for writing and communicating with others. I am a huge fan of researching before doing and often find myself doing a Google search before attempting anything. I have always been appreciative of those that share online and I want to add my voice to the conversation.Read More »