Low-Carb Jambalaya

I am always looking for a low-carb alternative to my favorite meals. Basically, anything with rice in it has been a struggle to find alternatives for. But, with the availability of frozen, riced cauliflower, my options have opened up quite a bit!

This time around I decided to tackle a low-carb Jambalaya. By adding extra veggies and using riced cauliflower I made a delicious, healthier version of this one-pot meal.


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Tips for Ideal Traveling

With the holidays upon us, many will be traveling to visit family and friends. But, what happens to your healthy lifestyle when you travel? Whether you are following the Ideal Protein protocol or another system planning is everything!

I travel every so often for work and I can remember the first time I traveled while on Ideal Protein. The panic was real! What am I going to eat? How am I supposed to stick with it? The meeting coordinators are providing food, what if it’s something I am not supposed to eat?Read More »

Dining Out While on a Diet

Dining out while on the Ideal Protein diet, or any diet for that matter can be really hard! Of course, it’s better to make food at home so you have control of what’s in it, but what about when you want to go out with family or friends, or you are just too busy, tired, etc. to cook?

Over the past year, I have found some go-to choices when eating at restaurants. At the beginning, it felt like I couldn’t eat anything! However, rethinking your choices and realizing that no matter what you get is a treat because you aren’t cooking is important to keep in mind.Read More »

6 Tips to Succeed at a Lifestyle Change

I have decided that I like the term “Lifestyle Change.” I am not on a diet or a journey. I am trying to improve my life by implementing a lifestyle change. My lifestyle change just happens to involve the food I put in my mouth and a choice to do some exercise.

It has taken me over a year to feel like I have made a successful lifestyle change. With a lot of support, the use of trial and error, and plenty of optimism I feel like I have a long-term routine that I can keep up with.

To help you succeed in your lifestyle change I present you with….

6 Tips to Succeed at a Life Style Change

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Recipe: Sort of Spicy Chili/Vegetable Soup

I don’t have a really good name for this soup…but it is freaking delicious and its kind of a hybrid between a chili and vegetable soup! Thus, I arrived at the name “Sort of Spicy Chili/Vegetable Soup” – very creative I know!

Since Autumn is upon us I have started making a batch of this every week to have for lunch or dinner. It is so ridiculously¬†good and filling I don’t even miss the bread and crackers that I used to have with soups.¬†The soup, for the most part, is good for Phase I of the Ideal Protein plan – but honestly, I think anyone would love this stuff!

The whole recipe is super simple (and cheap) and requires items you probably already have in your pantry. Plus, you can add any vegetables that you like that I didn’t add here.Read More »