Happy Birthday Lettuce “Burritos”

One year ago today I put together my most popular blog post to date – my Lettuce “Burritos” with Mexican Cauliflower Rice.

I don’t know what made this recipe so popular…besides the fact that it is delicious and it embodies some serious low carb goals. But, I am glad that everyone has liked it, pinned it, and made it so many times.

So, to celebrate the recipe’s first birthday I wanted to repost the recipe and make sure anyone that may be new to My Beautiful Ideal gets to try it out too!

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Lettuce “Burritos” with Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Here is my favorite recipe! Since I started Ideal Protein, this has been my go-to meal. If I wasn’t sure what to cook, if I was extra bored with the Phase 1 protocol I would make these. Mexican food is definitely my favorite, but not very friendly for those on Ideal Protein. This recipe still gives me those Mexican flavors with plenty of vegetables and protein.

While these aren’t technically burritos, the addition of the cauliflower rice makes them feel hearty and filling. If you don’t want to make the cauliflower rice they can easily be turned into tacos by just using lettuce leaves and the meat mixture. Read More »