Happy 2nd Birthday My Beautiful Ideal!

Today is the blog’s second birthday! I can’t believe that I have been at this for 2 whole years. It’s crazy! You’re continued comments, likes, and support is the only thing keeping it going!

91 posts and 80,000+ views have gotten us here. I only hope that everything I have written on My Beautiful Ideal has given you some insight and helped you achieve your goals.

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Happy Birthday Lettuce “Burritos”

One year ago today I put together my most popular blog post to date – my Lettuce “Burritos” with Mexican Cauliflower Rice.

I don’t know what made this recipe so popular…besides the fact that it is delicious and it embodies some serious low carb goals. But, I am glad that everyone has liked it, pinned it, and made it so many times.

So, to celebrate the recipe’s first birthday I wanted to repost the recipe and make sure anyone that may be new to My Beautiful Ideal gets to try it out too!

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My Beautiful Ideal

Hello everyone and welcome to My Beautiful Ideal!!

Who are you anyway?


My name is Jamie Boden and I hope this blog will provide you with lots of inspiration and ideas! I am 30 years old and live in Maryland. I am a nerd from way back with a science background and a love for writing and communicating with others. I am a huge fan of researching before doing and often find myself doing a Google search before attempting anything. I have always been appreciative of those that share online and I want to add my voice to the conversation.Read More »