Review: Imperfect Produce

As someone that eats all the veggies, I am always looking for quality produce at reasonable prices. When half your weekly grocery bill goes toward vegetables every little bit helps.

Recently, I was introduced to the company Imperfect Produce. They provide mail order service of produce that doesn’t meet the cosmetic standards of grocery stores. The produce might not be the prettiest around, but there’s no reason not to eat it!

If you are interested in trying this service out and would like $10 OFF keep on reading!

Imperfect Produce_1

Imperfect Produce’s mission is simple “At Imperfect, we’re working to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.”

Not only does Imperfect Produce provide their mail order service, but they also:

  • Reduce food waste by recovering “ugly” produce
  • Reduce hunger by providing reduced-cost boxes to those who qualify
  • Partner with food banks across the country
  • Support farmers
  • Raise awareness about food waste

If you ever wanted to support a company that is doing good for the community…even doing good for the world – this is the one!

When you sign up for their mail order service you have plenty of options right from the start. You can pick from a small box (7-9 lbs of produce) up to an extra large box (25-35 lbs of produce.) You also have the option of non-organic or organic boxes. No matter which box you choose each box is 100% customizable.

Every week you get to pick what goes in the box. This works especially well for anyone on a healthy eating plan. For instance, those of you on Ideal Protein, have very specific requirements of which vegetables you can eat. Well, don’t worry because Imperfect Produce has you covered!

Beyond picking which vegetables are in your box, you can also pick the frequency of delivery – every week, every other week, or even skip a week if you won’t need it! There is no plan that is set in stone! You make your Imperfect Produce box the way you want it!

Here is what I got this past week.

First, I signed up for the small, All Veggie Box. Initially, there were things in the box like potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocados, etc. that I can’t have while in phase 1 of Ideal Protein. But, no worries I got to pick exactly what I could eat.

My box arrived on Thursday:

Imperfect Produce_2Imperfect Produce_3

The packaging is great, supports their mission…and I mean, put googly eyes on anything and I am here for it!

This week I got green beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, yellow squash, lemons, and tomatoes.

Imperfect Produce_5

My favorite was the Brussel sprouts they were big, beautiful, and delicious!

This week I am expecting grape tomatoes, romaine hearts, lettuce, Brussel sprouts (can’t stop, won’t stop), bell peppers, and broccoli.

The first box also included a guide on how to store the produce, which was super helpful!

Imperfect Produce_6

And some encouragement to share on social media…which of course I will do!

Imperfect Produce_4

I would highly recommend this service to anyone! If you are trying to be healthy and eat more veggies – do it! If you want to help make a positive impact – do it! If you don’t have time to go to the store – do it!

And since all of you are friends, here is a link to receive $10 OFF your first box! Go and embrace some of that ugly produce – all those veggies need some love 🙂

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