Thoughts You Have While Running

Every time I run I wonder if what I am thinking it normal. Do other people think the things I do? Yes, running is a physical thing. But, I feel like that is only 10% of the equation. The other 90% is purely a mental thing.

So, I decided to share my stream of consciousness with you. My brain is an interesting place…you’re welcome! I pretty much have this same conversation with myself every time I run.

If anything, I hope it supplies you with a daily dose of humor! The struggle is real folks 🙂

***Starts running***

I don’t want to do this.

Why am I doing this?


It’s fine, everything is fine. We got this!

Ok, this isn’t so bad!

But, why did I decide that running a half marathon would be a good idea?

Ah, this song is good! I am the master at making playlists!

Can we stop yet?

I got a text…don’t they know not to text me right now!

What? It’s only been like 10 minutes?

(If you’re on a treadmill/at the gym – I hate treadmills…I hate freaking treadmills! Why is that person doing that? Why isn’t there anything good on TV? Why is this treadmill taunting me with the distance, speed, time? Why is it so cold outside? ***Singing*** I want to be where the people are! #ifeelyoulittlemermaid)


Ok, run until the end of this song!

Ok, run until you get to that light post!

Oh for god’s sake just keep running!

If I step out in the road do you think that car would hit me?

AHHHH…pupppppy! Don’t stop…you do not have to say hi to that dog!

You know, running really isn’t so bad!

Looking at me meeting my goals and sticking to my resolutions! #boss


Seriously….can we stop yet?

Do I have to go to the bathroom?

I might have to go to the bathroom…

Am I going to have to choose a sock to use as toilet paper?

No…it’s fine…everything is fine. I am the master of my own body!

But, this run best be over sooner rather than later!

Ooo we only have a half mile left, yay!


This is literally the longest half mile I have ever run!

Ooo, I hit 10,000 steps!

Ok, ok now you can walk it out!

***Stops running***

Why do I feel like the tin man right, now? Oh yeah, I just ran like 5 miles…duh!

That really didn’t take that long…look at me go!


I need to Instagram this shit…positive reinforcement from mostly strangers, STAT! 🙂

Oh crap, I need to do this again…like sooner rather than later…dude, why???…hahaha!

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