Review: Goodr Sunglasses

Of all the workout accessories I have purchased Goodr Sunglasses have been my favorite. I found out about them when I was at my local running shop – Charm City Run. I am a sucker for a good pair of sunglasses and I saw these on the counter while I was buying my running shoes. I convinced myself at the time that I didn’t need another pair of sunglasses…but, then I went home and did a little research.

Goodr is a really interesting company. Their goal is to make good-looking, affordable running (and other types of workouts) sunglasses. Most “fitness” sunglasses are functional…but not all that visually appealing. Goodr, on the other hand, are awesome!

Their most common frames are a wayfarer shape that looks good on anyone. They do have a smaller and larger frame option depending on the size of your face. I have both sizes and they both work great for me. I have always thought the bigger the sunglasses the better! But, I tend to wear the smaller size with a baseball hat and the larger size with headbands or just for everyday sun protection.

Each pair comes with a unique name and story. Of course…sunglasses don’t need names or back stories…but why the hell not? It makes for a great shopping experience and a great conversation starter when someone asks about your glasses.

I have the “Nessy’s Midnight Orgy” (the smaller frame)…

…and the “Firebreather’s Fireball Fury” (the larger frame.) Click on those links to learn more about the backstories.

The sunglasses are also developed to stay in place. I have worn these on almost every run I have been on and have never had to worry about pushing them up. Whatever kind of magical plastic they use to make the frames sits comfortably in place throughout a run.

The lenses are polarized and reflective. To me the reflective part just makes me feel like a badass! Also, even if I am struggling no one can tell because they can’t see my eyes! 🙂 The polarization is super important though. Polarization helps with glare and protects your eyes from all the UVA/UVB rays. I have to admit I don’t think I ever owned a pair of sunglasses with polarization before I got my Goodr’s…or at least I didn’t realize it if I did.

As far as price goes, you are looking at $25-35 depending on the type of sunglasses you choose. However, compared to other “fitness” sunglasses that can run in the $100s of dollars these are a great deal. And honestly…I wouldn’t want to wear the other ones anyway because they just aren’t my style.

And there you go…my review of Goodr Sunglasses. They are coming out with new styles and colors all the time so make sure to check them out. They will make your workout and life Goodr…I promise 🙂


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