Let’s Get Active: Across the Bay 10K

This past Sunday I ran my first 10K!! I have been working on my running over the past few months and completed a 5K not too long along. I was working toward this particular 10K because I feel like if you are from Maryland this is the one to do – Across the Bay 10K.

Marylander’s are proud of lots of things – blue crabs, our awesome state flag, and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The bridge is the quickest way to the get to the beach and for those of us that live further west, it’s pretty cool to drive across since we don’t do it that often.


Well, I wanted to conquer the bridge on foot! The bridge itself is 4.3 miles long and with a little distance added to the beginning and the end, you get a total of 6.2 miles or a 10K. I went into this event being pretty nervous, and to be honest really intimidated, but it turned out to be a great experience!

First, we had to get up bright and early to get shuttled to the start line.


I have to give a “hive-five” to all the organizers of the 10K! It was organized so well! Everything went like clockwork and everyone was so nice and in a great mood! There were over 16,000 people signed up and I didn’t encounter any problems!


We decided to get there early just in case there were any delays, but there weren’t any! So, we did hang out a little bit until our wave started. It was a beautiful day for the 10K but it was cold! I had to do a little dance just to stay warm!


Talking about staying warm…the max temperature throughout the morning was about 50-degrees. So, this is what I wore to make sure I wouldn’t be too cold or too hot once I got going – it was all about the layers – I had long leggings, a tank top, and a long sleeve tech shirt. I also had a bandana around my neck so that I could pull it up over my face. I have a really hard time once cold air gets into my lungs. It hurts! The bandana ended up saving me quite a bit! Also, I never did take anything off, I just rolled up my sleeves about halfway through.

Once it was time for our wave we got in line to head to the start line.


And from there we were off! The first 1/2 mile or so was rough just because you were bobbing and weaving through traffic. But once you got on the bridge everything opened up and it was great! The scenery was beautiful, seeing the bridge from that perspective was awesome, and I really had no reason to be nervous or intimidated! The whole thing was great!




I had planned to finish the 10K in an hour and 20 minutes. I ended up finishing in an hour and 18 minutes! I was pretty proud of the fact I shaved 2 minutes off what I expected. Not a huge difference, but enough to make me feel good 🙂


Overall, this was a great event and I would 100% do it again. I really felt a sense of accomplishment when I was done! Maybe I will go for a 10-miler next? We will have to see! I do know that anything with the word marathon in it seems crazy to me…but you never know what I will do next 🙂

Have you ever run a 10K? What’s your favorite race to run? I would love to hear about your experiences!

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