Let’s Get Active: Hiking

Autumn is my favorite time to get out and enjoy nature… it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold…its just right to get outside!

One of my favorite outside activities is hiking! It’s like walking, but better, and there is usually a beautiful view as a reward at the end! Now, I don’t do any bouldering or scrambling on my hikes. I usually pick a trail that is labeled as moderate difficulty…I don’t need to go breaking anything. Plus, no matter what anyone else says, hiking doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s more about getting out there and having fun!

Recently, I visited Shenandoah National Park and hiked the White Oak Canyon Trail. We started from the Skyline Drive side and did about a 5-mile loop. At the halfway point we got our reward – a beautiful waterfall!


The whole hike was beautiful and I can’t wait to go back and try out another trail!

Here are a few tips/tricks to consider for when you go hiking!

Take a friend!

Hiking by yourself is a great experience. You get to accomplish something on your own and enjoy the silence. However, it’s even better when you take a friend! Obviously, it’s safer to have a buddy, but also its fun to share the experience.


Bring water and snacks!

Make sure you stay hydrated and you have the energy needed to complete your hike. I always pack a drawstring back to keep water, food, and any extra layers of clothing in!

Wear layers!

Especially in the cooler months, make sure to wear layers. You can always take them off as you get warmer! But, being cold on a hike and still having a few miles to go would be torture! For this trip, I had long workout leggings on with a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, and jacket. About halfway through the hike, I took my jacket off, but other than that I was pretty comfortable!


Take your time!

Literally, stop and enjoy the nature around you! There is no need to rush your hike! The whole point is to get out and enjoy yourself!


I mean look at all this beautiful, beautiful nature!

So get out there! Enjoy the cooler weather! See something new! Have a new experience! Go get hiking everybody! Trust me its good for your body and your mind! Happy Hiking 🙂


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