UPDATE #2: Running

So, If you have been following the blog for a bit you have seen my running journey. It all started in June when I decided I should train to run a 5K. Well, I completed C25K at the end of July. But, now what? What is the next chapter in my running story? Here is an update!

After running my first 5K I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Having never run…or thinking I would ever enjoy running…here I was running a solid 3.1 miles with no problem. I had to decide if I was going to stick with it or be proud of what I had done and just run when I could. But then, I thought about running a 10K.

There is a local 10K here in Maryland across the Bay Bridge. It’s kind of a big deal and had been on my bucket list for a while. So, I decided to keep with my running momentum and sign up for it! However, signing up for it was the easy part!

Next, came the much harder part of training now for a 10K. I am using the app 10K Trainer – it’s the extension of the C25K app I used before. Unfortunately, I have run (or more like not run) into every obstacle imaginable while trying to train for this 10K.


Weather in Maryland has been an absolute mess! It has rained more than ever before. I really like to run outside…I just can’t do long distances on the treadmill! So, my training has been cut short just because I can’t get out to get the runs in.

I mean really?!?!?



Somewhere along the line, I developed a rather busy life! Friends, family, work, volunteering, etc., etc. It has been hard trying to find the time to run. I should run in the mornings, but I can never get my happy butt out of bed!

Also, there was all the travel! I was able to get a run while I was in Wilmington and it was a million degrees outside:

However, with the 10K Trainer I am supposed to be running 3 times a week. At this point, I am lucky if I get 1-2 runs in per week.


You may have seen on my Instagram that I hurt my back pretty badly at the end of August. I had a weekend full of cycling and at the end of a spin class my back just gave out. After that class, I could barely walk to my car, let alone run anywhere. This was my view for a whole week:


I only looked slightly damaged! My left leg was about 2-3 inches shorter than my right while everything was out of whack. That’s why I was standing at this lovely angle!


I had pulled some muscles in my back and both of my SI joints were screwed up! I spent a whole week with chiropractor and acupuncture appointments. Luckily, with some ice, heat, and rest I was able to get everything back to normal. However, getting back into running was the hardest part. Anything that I had gained in the weeks prior was pretty much gone. I had to start over with a VERY slow 5K and work back to where I had been prior to the injury.

Here was a run I did while in St. Augustine. It was pretty much the first full run I had done since I hurt my back, it was slooowww going!

Even though all these obstacles have been in my way I have learned a good lesson – use every run to your advantage. No matter how far, how slow, how hard the run is I learn something every single time.

I have learned that I am capable of running further and further distances.

I have learned to use running to control my stress.

I have learned to just enjoy it!

I have learned that no matter what, the fact that I am doing AT ALL is enough for me!

I am still about a month out from the 10K. I am running about 5.5 miles at this point and I feel like that is good enough. A little running…a little walking…and I will make it across the Bay Bridge come November!

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