Review: Getaway House D.C.

Let’s Getaway! Recently, I took a trip to a Getaway House – a tiny cabin outside of Washington D.C. Work had been crazy stressful and I just needed a few days to unwind and not worry about anything…and The Getaway House was just what I needed.


Now, let’s back up a couple of years to 2015. I read a story about a Harvard Business School student who decided to launch a business where tiny houses/cabins were rented for weekends out of the city. I was ready to sign up!

My family and I used to camp a lot when I was younger and I don’t do it nearly enough now. I thought the Getaway houses would be perfect! I don’t have to pack up the tent and bring all the equipment. I would just need to show up to my tiny cabin! Plus, I mean who doesn’t love the thought of a tiny cabin…I mean really!

The rub back in 2015 was that the cabins were only located outside of Boston. That is quite the commute for a weekend trip from Maryland. So, I continued to follow the company’s success and just hoped that they would spring up a little closer to home.

Then, finally this year I saw the news – Getaway was coming to Washington D.C.!!!! I knew there was a trip to the tiny cabins in my future it was just a matter of when!

So, since I have taken my trip I wanted to review the experience for you. Up front, I just want to say that it was 100% worth it and I plan to go again ASAP 🙂

To visit the Getaway you start by booking your reservation online. Their booking process is straightforward and if you have any questions they are super responsive. However, you won’t know exactly where you are going until a few days before your trip! All you know is that the cabins are about 2 hours outside of the city! And in the hopes of keeping the mystery alive, I am not telling you where they are either!

A few days before your trip you start to receive information like what you should bring with you, the address (finally, haha!), and things to do nearby. I think the D.C. location is great because you are just far enough away from “civilization” that you feel like your cabin is in a remote area. But, not far enough away that you can’t be to a grocery store or gas station in about 15 minutes.

Then, the day of your visit you get another email with the name of your cabin and the key code to get in. Each cabin is named after a grandparent of the person who built the cabin (which is stupid cute in my opinion!) I had the pleasure of getting Hank for this trip!



The cabins are small but well appointed and gorgeous! You can get a cabin that sleeps 2 or 4 people. I had a 2 person cabin that came with a queen size bed, kitchen, bathroom, dining table, and the picture window (which I think is the best part!)

After you arrive you are pretty much up to your own devices. There is a phone to contact the Getaway staff if there is an issue. Otherwise, you sit back and relax!

I made sure to bring along lots of books and magazines to read:

I did some hiking at a battlefield:

I did some yoga:


I enjoyed nature and cleared my mind:

I had most of my meals at the cabin including breakfast:

And dinner over the campfire! Foil pack meals are the best!


However, I did go enjoy some lunch “in town” one day:


Other than that I just enjoyed my time off. I got a chance to enjoy the beauty around me, not have to worry about a timeline or making sure all my work got done. I got to unwind and do whatever I wanted to do!

It was truly one of the best little vacations I have ever been on! If you live near Boston, New York, or Washington D.C. I would book a Getaway soon!

I had such a good time I may just be going back to the tiny cabins for my birthday! 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. What does your ideal Getaway look like? Would you be interested in staying in a tiny cabin? Would love to hear from you in the comments!

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