Top 10 Tips for Staying Healthy at the Airport

I have been traveling a lot for work lately and a few weeks ago I asked this question on Instagram:


And the response was 100% YES! So, based on your feedback here is the post you wanted – my top 10 tips for staying healthy at the airport!

1 – Bring your own snacks – as long as snacks are sealed you can bring them through security, so I always bring some along…why pay a premium for snacks at the airport when you can get them way cheaper beforehand? And why chance the airport shops not having something that fits your lifestyle? I always bring my Ideal Protein packets – the chocolate crispy square is my new favorite. I also really like these Duke’s Shorty Sausages. They are spicy, delicious, low carb, and not too high in fat.

2 – Bring a water bottle – you can bring an empty water bottle through security too. You can fill it up at the water fountains to make sure you get all your water in for the day.img_2043

3 – Wear sneakers – sneakers are easy to get on and off for security and give you the support you need while walking around the airport.


4 – Take a bookbag as your carry on – I always take a bookbag as my carry on. You can put a ton of stuff in them and you still have your hands free and they are easy to walk with…see tip #6.


4 – Bring noise canceling headphones – noise canceling headphones are the way to go! You may look a little weird but you won’t have to hear children screaming or people eating their delicious airport food that you shouldn’t be eating 🙂 I got these headphones off of Amazon. They were not super expensive and they work great! I tend to listen to music, a podcast, or Audible. My favorite podcast of the moment is Sword and Scale…love me some true crime. If I am not feeling murder (haha) I have been listening to the Harry Potter series on Audible. I have read the books twice and seen all the movies, but the audiobooks are fantastic!


5 – Bring a backup battery – sometimes an electrical plug is hard to come by if the airport is super busy, so always bring some power with you. Plus, when you are walking around you can still be charging your electronics…no excuses for not staying active!


6 – Go for a walk – And about that staying active part….airports are designed to be one big walking route. So, you should use it to your advantage. Once you are on the other side of security you are free to roam all over the place. Usually, even if I have a cross-country flight, I will still get 10,000 steps a day just from walking around the airport. I keep track of it all with my Fitbit.


7 – Order a salad – before I get on a plane I always grab a meal. Usually, the flights I take are 2+ hours and it sucks when you are at 30,000 feet and have nothing to eat! The snacks you brought will only take you so far! So, I usually scope out all the food options and pick the healthiest one. A lot of airports have started to offer healthier options. The salad below was from Chicago’s Midway Airport. They had a cafe where they made the salads to order. I asked for extra hardboiled eggs and they were more than happy to help! If I can’t find a cafe like this one I usually opt for Chipotle. You can make a pretty decent salad…just avoid the tortillas, cheese, and sour cream!


9 – Come with a mantra/be determined – I think traveling is the #1 hardest thing to do while you are trying to be healthy. There are temptations around every corner. You aren’t in your usual environment and there isn’t a whole lot of control. So, I always bring a bad ass “I can do this attitude” with me every time! I look at all the candy bars, peanuts, and mixed drinks and I think “I can do this. I will not let this flight defeat me.” If you stick with it and get to your destination with no slip-ups you truly feel like the bad ass that you are!

10 – Have a plan for when you land – at this point you have survived the airport, but what is the plan for while you are on your trip? When I am traveling for work I always stop by a grocery store, Walmart, or Target. I usually grab some water (to drink AND make protein shakes with), celery, hard boiled eggs, etc. I want to make sure I always have water to drink and snacks to munch on. If you have these things ahead of time I find resisting temptations along the way are much easier!

So there you go! My top 10 tips for staying healthy at the airport. Are there any tips that you use that I didn’t mention? I would love to hear them in the comments.

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