Review: TIEM Cycling Shoes

I know that this post will not apply to all of you. But, if you know me you will know that I love a good spin class! I started taking cycling classes over a year ago and in December I decided it was time for me to get my own cycling shoes. Not that there is anything wrong with using the rental shoes…but it does feel really nice to have your own shoes!

I did a lot of research before picking my cycle shoes and I am glad I did! I ended up going with shoes from TIEM and I love them!So here are the shoes below. They come in a few different colors and as much as I would have loved to get a lovely blue or red, I knew that black would be best. I would say that 75% of my workout clothes are black so I wanted to make sure I got something that matched. But, I did jazz things up a little bit by getting the geometric pattern shoes that have the little design at the bottom!

When picking a size I got a little worried. I hate buying shoes from a website because you can’t try them on. However, these shoes fit true to size. My big old size 11 feet are just fine in these size 11’s from TIEM. Also, the company has a great exchange policy too, just in case.

I really like that shoes have one velcro strap and that is it. They are quick on and quick off. Also, I think only having the one velcro strap helps me not feel like my toes are being smooshed together. In other cycling shoes that I have worn, my toes always fall asleep – no matter what I do. I think its a mix of a small “toe box” and shoe closures that are usually 3 straps the whole way down the shoe. However, with the TIEM shoes, I have never had my toes fall asleep! My toes have plenty of wiggle room!

Next up is the cleat/clips for these shoes. You do have to buy them separately and install them yourself. But, the website has plenty of resources to help you get them installed. Also, you could probably take them to your cycle studio and ask for help if you need to!

The cleats are standard SPDs. From what I have found these are the cleats that most indoor cycling places use.

TIEM Cycling Shoe Hidden Cleat

The difference with the TIEM shoes is that the cleats are hidden up in the bottom of the shoe. You can see from the picture above that the cleat is flush with the sole of the shoe. This is nice when you have to walk around in them – you don’t feel like you are tap dancing!

I thought that the “hidden cleat” might make it hard to clip into the bike but that is not the case. I can clip in just as easily with these shoes compared to others. Also, if for some reason you do have to wear them outside of the spin studio you can! And you won’t have to worry about damaging the cleat! Also, from a style perspective, these look like normal sneakers/trainers so you could run to the grocery store in them and no one would know the difference!

So that is my review of TIEM Cycle Shoes. I would 100% recommend them to anyone in the market for a new pair of cycling shoes. By the way, this post isn’t sponsored by TIEM….but hey, TIEM, hit a girl up if you are interested! Thanks for making a great product that makes me feel comfortable 🙂

TIEM Cycling Shoes Geometric Pattern

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