Let’s Get Active: Stretching

One of my goals for 2018 is to incorporate stretching into my regular routine. I have this goal because I want to become better at yoga, have less tightness when I spin, and have better posture.

To help me achieve this goal I have a stretching plan that I try to do 3 times per week. I came up with this plan by doing a little research online, deciding which stretches felt good, and what areas of my body needed more flexibility.

So far this year I have really noticed a difference:

  • My yoga practice has improved
  • My hips are less tight
  • I have less back pain

I usually do these stretches in the evenings while I watch TV. The whole sequence of stretches only takes about 15 minutes.

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Italian Mushroom Chicken

Looking for a recipe that is super easy, tastes really good, and works well for meal prep? Then this Italian Mushroom Chicken is for you!

It includes two of my favorite ingredients – mushrooms and capers! The best part is that this recipe works perfectly for any type of healthy eating plan you are on – Ideal Protein, Keto, Whole30, etc.

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