Let’s Get Active AND Help Others

Spring is slowly starting to poke its head out from the clouds! That means getting out and enjoying the warmer weather. You will no longer be forced to stay in the gym. You can double up – get physical and outside at the same time!

Well, I suggest you triple it up – get physical, get outside, and help others! There are so many physical volunteer and fundraising opportunities coming up. I recommend you research your favorites and participate!

Volunteering is one my favorite things to do! Not only are you helping those in need, but you can also have fun with your friends, and feel closer to your local community. Here are some activities that I love to do and the organizations they support. There is bound to be one of these happening in your city soon! For all of these, you can either participate (run, walk, bike, etc.) or volunteer to help plan or host the event.

Relay for Life – Relay for Life is a true team event! The events can last for several hours and at least one person from the team has to be walking the whole time. This “signifies that cancer never sleeps.”

MS Walk, Bike – Depending on your favorite physical activity you can do it all with the MS Society. They even have a “muck” option they offer. Their goal is to bring awareness, raise money, and end MS forever. I participated in my local MS Walk last year and it was great!

My beautiful ideal walk_3

5K, 10K Run/Walk- Most 5 and 10K races support a non-profit organization. I participated in the Color Vibe 5K last year which supported Engineers Without Borders who help provide clean water to people around the globe.


Fitness for St. Jude – St. Jude has every option you can think of to give back and stay active. They even have an indoor cycling option – Ride for a Reason.

Cleaning up Your Community – No matter whether you live near a national park, a state park, a battlefield, or just a stretch of roads organizations are always looking for people to help with maintenance. You can plant flowers, clean up trash, mulch playgrounds, etc. The best part is it’s all physical activity that can help with your lifestyle goals and at the same time, help these organizations with goals too!

I hope you take advantage of one of these activities that are happening near you! What is your favorite organization to support? What other activities have you participated in that I didn’t mention here?

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