Let’s Get Active: Aerial Yoga

Guys…this whole aerial yoga thing is the most fun thing I have ever done! I am so glad that classes have finally made it to Frederick. After just a few classes I am doing things I never thought I could do! I am making beautiful shapes with my body and feeling like a badass!

Having not done aerial yoga until recently or knowing anyone who had done it – I did a lot of research to make sure it was something I could/wanted to do. So, I decided to give you all a rundown of it here so you know what to expect!

First of all, I am sure that all aerial yoga classes are slightly different. I will obviously be speaking to the class/instructor I practice with. I go to Phoenix Rising Dance and Fitness in Frederick, MD.

What to wear to class?

I always wear comfortable workout clothes that fit close to the body. You don’t want any extra fabric getting caught in the hammocks. I found that body coverage is key because the hammocks can rub as you stay in positions. So I always do 3/4 or full-length leggings and a t-shirt. Nobody wants chaffed armpits!


Will that hammock hold me?

Yes! The simple answer is yes! The hammocks, straps, and carabiners my classes use are graded to hold 1000 pounds! Its good to know this information because it will help you to trust the hammock. In a lot of the moves, the hammock is the only thing keeping you from hitting the floor – so trust it!


What happens during the class?

An aerial class is similar to a normal yoga class. You will center yourself, warm up, and then start the different poses depending on what the instructor has planned for the practice. A lot of the moves are the same too, you just have the hammock to provide another point of contact. So far I have done warrior poses, pigeon, downward dog, forward folds, shavasana, handstands, happy baby, etc. All the poses have modifications if you can’t pull them off (I use modifications all the time!) Also, most poses build on each other – so you can start easier and work towards harder things once you get more practice in.

Also, I have found the classes I go to are like a community. Everyone is trying these gravity-defying moves and everyone is super encouraging! If you get the move they clap, if you can’t quite get there yet they are encouraging.

What are the benefits?

Aerial yoga benefits are similar to regular yoga – I have gained flexibility, strength, and confidence. If you don’t have good grip, upper body, or core strength yet you will with continued practice. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I improve every single class. Every time I attend a class I am able to do something I couldn’t before.

Also, it’s just fun! Take a friend and see what crazy poses you can pull off! Trust me, you will surprise yourself. I never thought I would ever do the poses that are in the pictures for this posts.


Keep these things in mind

Here are just a few things to keep in mind! While all this looks fun, you are doing crazy things to your body. So just be prepared for:

  • The hammocks can dig in and hurt when you are hanging from them. I like to use a blanket to pad the hammock so it’s not as bad.
  • You will be sore after the first couple of times. Be prepared for sore abs, arms and shoulders.
  • When you are hanging upside down all the blood will rush to your head. At first, it is really uncomfortable, but the more practice the more used to it you will get.
  • Ask for help. The instructor will be more than happy to walk you through the pose and how to get there. Also, they can provide any modifications you need.

I hope this will encourage you to try some aerial yoga! If you give it a go I would love to see pictures of the beautiful shapes you make!

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