Keeping Your Head in the Game

Lately, I have been having trouble keeping my head in the game of weight loss. I have been at this for a while now, with plenty of success. But, I would have to say things have slowed down over the past few months.

I think when you have a lot of weight to lose gearing up for the long haul, in the beginning, is one thing…but what happens after 6 months, 1 year, etc. My feeling toward the process has definitely ebbed and flowed. Sometimes I am really excited about the whole thing – the planning, the results, the feedback from those around me – but other times all I really want to do is sit on my couch and shove all the food in my mouth.Literally, in my mind, the first 100 pounds were easy to lose…because I was “In it to Win In” but, the last 15 pounds have been a serious struggle. I struggle with motivation, accountability, and judgment. I lose motivation when I see those around me eating whatever they want. – why can’t my body and metabolism work like a normal person so I can eat and drink whatever I want? I lose accountability when I decide that no one is watching…so I can eat that whole plate of nachos, right? And I feel really judged by those around me when I am not following my new healthy lifestyle to a T. They are probably thinking that I will gain all the weight back, right? Or do they see me as a failure?

However, thinking over all of this I realized one thing…I am the one putting the pressure on myself. I can’t tell what people are thinking…I am the one deciding to eat those nachos…and I am the one that is comparing myself to other people.

So, to help me get my head in the game I looked to a couple resources to learn about what other people in my position have gone through and done to maintain their new healthy lifestyle. I needed to find a different way of thinking about this whole thing.

The first resource was reading Andie Mitchell’s memoir “It Was Me All Along.


I was always a little weary of reading weight loss memoirs because I know everyone’s story is a little different…but this one literally spoke to me! We had similar feelings, experiences, and struggle. It was actually nice to know that someone had been through the same things I had been going through. And she made it out the other side!

Next, while trolling Buzzfeed one day (like one does lol) I came across Arielle Calderon and her article “15 Things People Don’t Tell You About Extreme Weight Loss.” Here was an example of someone who was saying (or writing in this case) everything I was thinking. Again, I wasn’t as alone in my head as I thought I was. I am now following her blog/instagram and this provides me with all kinds of motivation!

Finally, my Type A/research mind wanted to find a way to learn how to control my brain (P.S. – this is impossible) or at least identify when I am losing sight of what really matters. So I found this book “Brain-Powered Weight Loss.”

download (1)

Yes, this book falls into the self-help category and the whole book doesn’t apply to me because I already have a diet and exercise regime figured out. But, the fundamental ideas behind the book intrigued me.

It was time for me to learn what exactly my body was going through as I lost weight. It was time for me to understand the mental side of weight loss. It was time to learn what my triggers were that caused me to not make the best decisions and fall back into the struggles I mentioned before. This book really helped with that. It is like a text book and work book rolled into one. It allows you to learn and process how your mind and body works. I was able to write things down and review them in a way I wasn’t able to before. They say “Knowledge is Power” and in this case, for me, it was 100% true.

Anyway, I hope this helps someone out there. Losing weight is not always sunshine and rainbows….or good recipes and great workouts. Sometimes it is just flat out mentally challenging. Losing any amount of weight is about 70% mental and 30% actual work. You have to decide to do the things that will make you healthier in the long run.

What resources do you turn to when you need a motivational or morale boost? Are there any books, blogs, website, or Instagram accounts that you would suggest?


2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Head in the Game

  1. I’m listening to Andie Mitchell’s book now based on your suggestion. I’m ~3/4 of the way through. Really inspiring and helping to keep me motivated. Thanks!

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