Healthy Shepherd’s Pie

Yes, you read the title of this post right! The words healthy and shepherd’s pie put together! You could even add low-carb and Ideal Protein friendly in there too. Even with all the healthy recipes that I have posted this is by far my favorite. I was blown away by how similar it tasted to the real thing. I couldn’t figure out how it tasted so good and was still on protocol. I literally had to review the recipe to make sure I had not screwed anything up!

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Bunless Steak and (Maybe) Cheese

Lately, I have been missing one of my favorite sandwiches – a steak and cheese. Philly or otherwise I love a good steak and cheese! However, when you aren’t eating bread it’s hard to fulfill this particular craving.

So, I decided to make a bunless – sort of deconstructed – steak and (maybe no cheese) version. đŸ™‚ When I took the pictures for this post I decided to slip in a piece of provolone cheese, but it is equally delicious without the cheese. If I don’t do the cheese I usually add some hot sauce to spice up the whole thing. You could also serve this recipe in some lettuce leaves to make a steak and cheese “wrap.”

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Roasted Zucchini and Eggplant Dip

Last week at work my group hosted a dip party. Everyone was to bring their favorite dip to share. But what dip could I bring that I could enjoy? Most dips have cheese…all the cheese. I considered salsa, but that seemed boring! I was sure someone else was going to bring salsa anyway.

So, I did a Google search for vegetable based dips. They seem to be few and far between, but I came across baba ganoush – the delicious eggplant based cousin of hummus. I thought this would work perfectly! But, how could I put my own spin on it? I decided to add some zucchini that I also had in the fridge – and the results were so good! I served the dip with cucumbers and pretzels so folks would have an option. For the full recipe keep reading!

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