Let’s Get Active: Color Vibe 5K

Are you looking for something fun to do with family and friends that will also fit in with your healthy lifestyle? If so, I have the event for you – The Color Vibe 5K.


I have never been one to sign up for a 5K because running is not something I do well. The joke is…if Jamie is running you should be too! If I am running there is something terribly wrong…zombies, natural disaster, etc. Because of this I never wanted to sign up for a 5K…why would I want to struggle through something I didn’t enjoy next to runners who were in it to win it?

Fortunately, I found a 5K that’s soul purpose was to support a worthy cause and promote fun. The Color Vibe 5K is held at multiple locations around the United States and is basically a big party for runners…and walkers! They don’t care how you finish the 5K! You can run, walk, jump, skip, or dance across the finish line.

My local Color Vibe 5K 2017 started on a Saturday morning with a Zumba dance party, then transitioned into the 5K, and right back into a finish line party. The vibe (haha!) was fun, happy, and friendly. This was definitely a good 5K to start with!

There is also the color aspect. Throughout the 5K you’re showered with colored powder (which is non-toxic and biodegradable). You toss powder during the dance party and you run/walk through color stations around the 5K course. By the time you are done you look like lovely, colorful unicorns 🙂


My friends and I decided to dress for the occasion! It’s definitely an environment to have fun with it and go for all the neon colored accessories! The bibs, t-shirts, and sunglasses came with the 5K registration fee. We got the tutus and socks off Amazon.

Now that I have completed my first “fun” 5K walk I will definitely be looking for others. Digging around on the internet I have found a glow 5K, foam/bubble 5K, Christmas-themed 5K, Halloween-themed 5K, some you can bring your pets….the list goes on and on. A good resource to find events never you is Active.

What 5K events have you participated in? Which was your favorite? Let’s talk 5Ks in the comments 🙂

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