Let’s Get Active: Spin/Indoor Cycling

I have a new workout obsession! I love Spin Class! I wasn’t sure at first…but in 50 minutes you get a full body workout and have fun while doing it. We look like we had fun right? #swelfies

I go to a locally owned spin studio – CycleFit Frederick. The instructors and staff are super nice and encouraging. I have fun every single time I attend a class. If you would like to know more about CycleFit specifically let me know!

If you have never taken a Spin class here is the basic breakdown:

  • Spin =stationary bike. You are on the bike for the whole 50-60 minutes. Bikes differ depending on the brand, cost, etc. You might have to clip in with special shoes…or not – it will depend on what is offered. Honestly, clipping in is the best because you never have to worry about your foot placement. Your feet stay exactly where they need to be. At my studio, the shoe rental is included in the price of the class.
  • The workouts vary but there are basic moves that happen every time:
    • Easy seated spin – this is basic spinning. Sit and enjoy the ride.
    • Sprints (standing or sitting)- pedaling as fast as you can for short bursts of time.
    • Climbs (standing or sitting) – hills…all the hills. You put resistance on the bike to make it feel like you are going up a hill.
    • Drops (standing or sitting)- dropping your chest toward the handlebars. This move is almost like doing push ups/crunches.
    • Tap Backs – while standing, you push your hips back and tap your butt to the seat without fully sitting down.
    • Jumps – you go from standing up to sitting down at different intervals.
    • Hovers – while standing you isolate all your movement just to your legs. Your upper body stays still and you slowly move your legs. You will definitely feel the burn with this one.
    • Obliques – you crunch to the sides, bringing your elbow to your knee.
    • Light arm weight exercises – depending on the class there will be at least one song where you use light weights to work your biceps, triceps, shoulders, etc.
    • Stretches (both on and off the bike) – you stretch out all your muscles at the end of the class.
  • The Music – each class is choreographed with moves and music. The beat of the music helps you to stay with the pace, whether that be slow or fast!
  • There are different types of spin classes depending on where you go. A class at a gym is going to be different from one at a Spin Studio. Try out a few to see which is right for you.

For spin newbies out there here are my top tips for starting out:

  1. Make sure to arrive early to adjust the bike. Having the bike adjusted to your proportions is important so your don’t get injured. If you have never dealt with stationary bikes before I would see if your gym/studio has a Spin 101 class so you can learn how it all works.
  2. Be prepared for your butt to hurt for the first few classes. If you aren’t used to riding a bike the saddle will definitely get you! After a few classes, you should get used to it and not notice the pain. However, if it continues to be a problem you can look into getting a padded seat or padded bike shorts.
  3. Get ready to sweat! Make sure you bring a gym towel with you because you will need it.
  4. On that same note make sure to bring water!
  5. Take things at your own pace. Even though Spin is a group class you can always take things at your own pace. When it doubt just sit down and pedal – either way, you will get a workout.
  6. Have fun! With the upbeat music and (hopefully) great instructors there is no way you won’t have fun during a Spin class.

Here are a few other resources so you can learn more:

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Essentials for Indoor Cycling

Since starting taking Spin classes I have noticed a difference in my body. My inches have decreased and my muscle tone has improved. For the past month or so I have been going 2-3 per week and have been reaping the benefits.

Have you ever taken a Spin class? What did you think? What other types of workouts do you enjoy doing? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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