My Love Letter to In-N-Out Burger

In honor of Valentine’s Day, AKA Singles’ Awareness Day, I wanted to write a low-carb love letter to In-N-Out Burger. I was recently in Southern California for work travel, and as is tradition, my first stop was In-N-Out. Now, you may be thinking, Jamie, how can you eat at a fast food place and still be healthy? Well, In-N-Out makes it super easy and delicious….


Dear In-N-Out Burger –

I just wanted to let you know how much I love you! As a low-carb, Ideal Protein follower I am always looking for new and better ways to enjoy old favorites. The cheeseburger is a hard one to reinvent…yet you were able to!

Your Not-So-Secret Menu is the thing of dreams…especially the Protein Style option – your burgers wrapped in lettuce. Now, I realize that this seems like a simple option to give customers…but when you present us with the best tasting lettuce wrapped burger I have ever had (and trust me I have had a few – god that makes me sound horrible!) that is earth shattering, life changing stuff 🙂


The last time I came to see you I got a Double-Double with cheese (I know…no cheese for IP – but sue me In-N-Out and I are in love I couldn’t help it) Protein Style. The burgers were juicy, the vegetables were crisp, and the lettuce to burger ratio was on point and for no more than 11 carbs! My flight across the country and $4.00 was worth it so we could be reunited. I know sometimes I take for granted how good you are…but time has surely made my heart grow fonder.


You truly do practice what you preach “Quality you can taste.” Trust me…I tasted it 🙂

Until next time In-N-Out, I will think about you fondly…and only wish that this long distance relationship will end when you finally open a location on the east coast….preferably in the D.C. area!!

Will you be my Valentine?

Circle YES or NO




I really hope everyone enjoyed this bit of fun for Valentine’s Day. I really enjoyed writing it. While the letter was written in jest I really do suggest you try In-N-Out some time if you have a chance.

What are some of your favorite low-carb treats to indulge in?

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