Review: Fitbit Blaze

Recently, I got a new fitness tracker – the Fitbit Blaze and I absolutely love it. I have been upping my fitness level over the past year and was looking for a tracker that could do everything…and I think I have found the perfect fitness tracker for me.


Previously, I had the Fitbit One and I liked its simplicity. The Fitbit One tracked my steps, floors, and sleep. However, because it was so small I was really bad at remembering to take it off clothes or to put it in the provided sleeve and wear it to bed. It really got to the point that I no longer wore the Fitbit One because it was easy to forget about. Also, as I started doing more and more workouts I needed something that was going to record my heart rate and the FitBit One did not have this capability.

The Fitbit Blaze was recommended to me by a few friends who had gotten it and loved it. I wasn’t sure if the Blaze was for me because it is an investment (Starts @ $199.95.) However, I did my research and found that the Blaze had all the features I was looking for and more.

Let’s start from the beginning. When you purchase the Fitbit Blaze you receive the tracker, band/frame, USB charging cord, and set up guide. The first thing you will need to do is download the app to your phone, which is free, and turn on the Blaze. You can customize (and change at any time) the aspects you want the app to track – and then you are good to go. Start wearing the Fitbit Blaze anywhere! The easy set-up is definitely a selling point – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to get the thing to track your activity!

The features I like the most are:

  • Heart rate readings: If you are doing other workouts besides walking, this is an important feature. Some of the workouts I do don’t rack up the steps and then it looks like I didn’t do a lot of physical activity…when in actuality I did! With Fitbit Blaze, you can tell the tracker when you are going to start working out, or it will automatically recognize when you are working out based on your heart rate. Then, it will record the duration of the workout, calories burned, etc. and record it in the app. Afterward, you are able to go look at a record of your workout in the app.
  • Sleep readings: The Blaze is great if you want to keep track of your sleep patterns. As long as you wear the watch it will record it automatically. When your heart rate slows down to resting or below the Blaze will count it as sleep. It records how long you slept, how many times you were awake through the night, and how many times you were restless. The only caution I have for you is this: If you get in bed and read before sleeping it will say you have slept longer than you actually have! I usually read for about 30 minutes before I drift off to sleep and I guess I relax to point in which my heart rate decreases. Then, the Fitbit thinks I am asleep. So just be aware that the sleep tracking isn’t 100% accurate depending on your pre-sleep habits.
  • Silent alarms: The silent alarm feature is great! You set the time you want the alarm to go off and your Fitbit will vibrate at the designated time. Whether this is to wake you up in the morning or to remind you of things throughout the day, this feature is a great way to have an alarm without it being loud and obnoxious and bothering those around you.


  • Reminders to move: This feature was just released with the most recent software update and reminds you (with vibration) 10 minutes before the top of each hour to walk at least 250 steps/hour. The feature is customizable and you can choose to use it or not. I really enjoy it because I can get caught up doing stuff on the computer at work and not move. I have it set up to only remind me to move between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. That way when I go home I can still happily sit on my couch after a long day and not be bothered!


  • Phone notifications: This feature is great while you are working out because you never have to pick up your cell phone…unless you want to. Blaze will vibrate and let you know when you have a message or phone call. The display will show you the incoming message/phone call, however, you can not respond using Blaze. I like this because I can see the incoming notification and decide whether it is important enough for me to stop working out or if I can wait until after I am finished.


  • Goal setup in the app: I am a huge fan of setting goals! The Blaze allows me to track all the fitness goals I want to accomplish. For instance, I can set goals for number of days to work out in a week, pounds to lose, calories to eat, calories to burn, steps to take, number of active minutes, so many more.


While these are my favorite features of the Fitbit Blaze there are more, including:

  • GPS
  • Touchscreen
  • On-screen workouts
  • Multiple watch faces to choose from
  • Different frame and bands to purchase
  • Calendar alerts

You are really able to customize the Fitbit blaze to fit your need and style. If you are considering getting a fitness tracker I highly recommend this one. It is worth the money and setup and customization are super simple. Also, according to a friend, Fitbit customer service is top-notch if you ever have a problem.

What type of fitness tracker do you use? Do you have the Fitbit Blaze? What do you like about it? Let me know in the comments below!!

7 thoughts on “Review: Fitbit Blaze

  1. Love this helpful and very iformative post!I had my first encounter with a Fitbit yesterday. Now I’m pondering on getting one and I’m not sure if it’s helpful or a nuisance, causing a lot of …. stress?
    Warm greetings from sunny ☀️ Norway 🇳🇴


    • Hi! Very cool to see someone from Norway reading my blog! I really hope you are liking it 🙂

      I find that wearing my Fitbit is no big deal. It does take a little bit of getting used to but once you starting wearing it’s like any other watch you would wear. For me, it doesn’t cause a whole lot of stress I just look at it as a way to see how much I moved in a day. I don’t take much stock in it, it just gives me an idea.

      I especially like it when I am working out because it counts the calories. It gives me a way of seeing how hard I worked. Also, remember when getting a Fitbit there are many models with different levels of functionality. The one I featured here has a lot of “bells and whistles”, but you can get one that doesn’t do as much it will still be just as useful.

      And to be honest, outside of the step tracking, etc. that Fitbits do I really like getting text messages forwarded to my fitbit. That way if I am in the middle of something I don’t have to pick up my phone right away. I can read the text right from my wrist!

      Hope this helps you decide!

      🙂 Jamie


  2. […] 6 – Go for a walk – And about that staying active part….airports are designed to be one big walking route. So, you should use it to your advantage. Once you are on the other side of security you are free to roam all over the place. Usually, even if I have a cross-country flight, I will still get 10,000 steps a day just from walking around the airport. I keep track of it all with my Fitbit. […]


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